Skin Peeling Course ITEC Level 4 Certificate


The aim of this unit is to develop the learner’s knowledge, understanding and practical skills when using superficial skin peel products and techniques to rejuvenate the condition of the skin. Learners will acquire skills involved in providing a thorough consultation, skin health checks to establish the client’s suitability for treatment and to formulate a specific treatment plan tailored to suit individual client needs. Learners will prepare and apply a range of skin peels as well as providing the relevant pre and post care.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit, learners will:

  • Know safety considerations when providing skin peel treatments
  • Understand how to provide skin peel treatments
  • Know the relevant anatomy, physiology and pathologies for skin peeling
  • Be able to consult, plan and prepare for treatment
  • Be able to provide skin peel treatments

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